The Sparks Energy, Inc. team has over 35 years of experience in utility construction and management. Our management team’s experience is exceptionally diverse throughout the utility fields.

Sparks Energy, Inc. was founded in 2007 to address a growing need by both Investor Owned Utilities and Electric Co-ops for a quality workforce to perform day to day maintenance, line construction, and energy restoration services. We are composed of both union and non-union crews. Our union crews are offered through our wholly owned subsidiary Sparks Unified LLC.

We are a committed leader in the fields of power line construction and maintenance. Our crews perform both overhead and underground distribution. We also have overhead transmission maintenance crews available. We have tailored our training program with the growing demand for upgrading of lines and hardening of systems.

Outside of our regular day to day crews that perform our long term placement and bid contract work, we also maintain float crews that are available on short term notice for an inaccessible emergency, a single structure change out, or a last minute rush job. Many of these situations are environmentally sensitive in nature. Our safety department will work with our crews in these situations to see no harm is done when completing these projects.

Our equipment fleet consists of late model on road equipment and a variety of off road and specialty equipment. We can cover any situation from roadside to backyards and mountains to the wettest swamps. Our technicians perform a rigorous maintenance program on all of our equipment so we are not dealing with breakdowns as much in the field.

Our training facility is located at our corporate facility in Decatur, AL. We do both classroom and hands on training of our employees and employees of our associated contractors. When an employee completes all modules of their training they receive a diploma from Sparks Energy University. We take pride in the fact that once this diploma is awarded that the employee receiving it is one of the best in the business.