We strive hard to be a company where employees are proud to be part of a team, and customers trust our leadership. We have built our reputation on dealing fairly and honestly all our business transactions and relationships. This legacy is at the core of our company’s culture: We are passionate about our uncompromising Integrity, Safety and Solutions.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics reflects our commitment to the highest standards of business conduct. Every Sparks energy employee is required to act honorably, with unquestionable integrity, and in full compliance with ethical and legal requirements.

Our Guiding Principles provide direction for our daily interaction, through:

  • Integrity – We take pride in the long term relationships we continue to build with large scale companies as well as smaller organizations that we have cultivated across our customer base.
  • Safety – We promote, instill and reinforce safe practices in all areas of the industry.
  • Solutions – Sparks Energy strategy contributes to operational performance at the top of our industry. From ease of construction and maintenance to reliability, our attention to detail enables us to successfully deliver long term value in all of our energy solutions. Our innovative approach provides the sustained results you need, from complex projects to the most basic.
  • Demonstrates – Best in class safety leadership and performance while delivering exceptional value to our customers.